When you are unable to access the outlook or Hotmail, live mail account on the web browser, you keep getting the something went wrong error on outlook.
microsoft outlook something went wrong

This may be happening due to the network, browser or account related issues. Along with this error message you will also get some kind of error codes which may be similar to these.

  1. Sorry we can’t get the information right now please try later.
  2. Mailbox couldn’t be found.
  3. Something has gone wrong with the application.

Here in this blog, we are sharing the effective techniques to troubleshoot the Microsoft outlook not responding error. You may use it get your problem resolved easily.

How to fix something went wrong error on outlook or Hotmail account?

Use a new browser-

If outlook or Hotmail account is not working on your current browser, you should install a new browser on your computer like- chrome, Firefox or anyone. Now try to access your outlook account through it. let’s see what does it says now?

If this account works fine on a new browser, it means there was a problem related to the browser. in that case, you have to jump to the next step to troubleshoot the browser issue.

However, if it still continues giving you something went wrong error on your device. you have to jump to the step 5.

Clear the cache, cookies-

If you can’t sign into your outlook account and getting couldn’t found mailbox error on your browser. let’s start with clearing the cookies and history and cache files.

To clear the browsing data, you may use the ccleaner tool, it is the best tool to clean any browser.

  1. Let’s download and install the ccleaner on your computer.
  2. Open it, and press the analyse button.
  3. Once the analysation process will be finished, you may press the run cleaner button.

Finally, it will clean your browser. now you may try to load the outlook account on your device again. Let’s see what does it shows to you now.

Update the browser extensions, java and other files-

Outlook believes in security, that’s why they are launching too many security patches to keep their users secure.

When you use the browser, which is not using the latest JavaScript and required extensions. You may be unable to load the outlook mailbox.

So you should check for these updates, if there is any update pending, do it right now and then try to access your Microsoft outlook account again.

Disable the security programs once-

Sometimes, you may get the outlook not responding or Microsoft outlook something went wrong error message due to security programs.

When security programs like- antivirus, firewall, vpns etc blocking the connection. Your computer may not be able load the mailbox properly. That’s why you might be getting outlook something went wrong error message on your device.

Change the alias-

If you are using the hotmail or live mail account and getting something went wrong error message there. I would recommend you to create a new alias name for your email address.

This new alias name should be in the outlook.com. you can easily do it by visiting the https://account.microsoft.com/ .

Once you will create a new alias name, you should log out your account, and login through new name. it will help you in logging into your account successfully.

Do the server checkup-

As we already mentioned in the earlier blogs, you should never ignore server check up while having the outlook issues.

May be the server is down in your local area, that’s why the outlook is not working on your device anymore. If outlook server is down in your local area, wait until you will get green signal from outlook side.

Configure your account on other apps-

If you are getting something went wrong error on Microsoft outlook program, I will suggest you to configure your account on the windows default mail app first. If it works fine there, you need to uninstall the outlook program from your computer and reinstall it with the latest setup.

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