If you are using the Hotmail email account in the year 2020, I am sure you must be complaining about a lot of things.

Let me tell you not only you; there are so many users who are complaining about Hotmail not working problem. Generally, this problem started coming since Hotmail has been upgraded into the outlook mail. 

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When Hotmail stopped working on your computer, phone, or any other device, you will have specific problems while accessing your email account. 

  1. Getting completely blank pages while trying to access the email account. 
  2. The action buttons like- sign in or sign out switch is not functioning. 
  3. The outlook is not responding
  4. Can’t sign in to Hotmail account while trying to sign in.  
  5. Hotmail/ outlook website doesn’t load. 

These are some reasons that can cause Microsoft outlook not to work problems on your device at any time. Now some of you might be wondering about how do you fix these outlook mail problems. 

Well, don’t worry about it, here I am to help you with this pandemic. 

How to fix Microsoft Hotmail /outlook not working problems?

 When Microsoft Hotmail stopped working on your devices, you can use these instructions to troubleshoot the issues related to the email problems. 

Begin with checking the live server status- 

When Hotmail stopped working on your device, you should begin by reviewing the server status. Probably, the outlook server is down or overloaded with too many queries. That’s why Hotmail /outlook stopped working on your device. 

You can check the live server status from Microsoft official website; if it shows you a down error, you have to wait until it is back to the track. 

Meanwhile, please do not make any changes to your Hotmail account. Otherwise, it may create little more trouble. 

Browser is unable to load the Hotmail- 

When you go to the outlook website, get the completely blank page on your browser, or the action buttons are not functioning. It shows the issues related to the following things. 

  1. The browser is unable to load the new cache. 
  2. Jscript is not enabled on your browser. 

In such a case, you should clean the web browser. By cleaning, I mean to say, you have to delete the cookies, history, and cache files.

Right after deleting these files, you may also check for the Jscript update; if there is any update available, you should do it immediately, and then enable the javascript from the settings. 

Also, you should check for the browser update. So many times, people struggle with Hotmail problems due to outdated browsers. 

Reset the firewall or antivirus settings to default- 

If Hotmail is not working on your computer and giving you privacy error. You should monitor the firewall & antivirus settings. Most probably, your antivirus is blocking the secure connection, that’s why Hotmail stopped working and showing you privacy error. 

So you should turn off the antivirus, vpn, firewall and proxy programs for a minute, and then reload the Hotmail account again. 

Let’s see what does it shows. 

Update the network settings- 

Sometimes, the Hotmail website is not working due to the network settings. When DNS or TCP/IP is not able to communicate with the outlook or Hotmail servers. In such a case, 

In such a situation, you should reset the DNS settings on your pc first. Configure the DNS address manually with the ip address – and 

After changing the DNS server, you must have to reboot your windows pc once. 

Upgrade your account- 

When the Hotmail account is not loading on your computer and giving you something went wrong error message. It would help if you upgraded it into the outlook.com account. then your account will start working fine on your devices. 

Time and date issue- 

Sometimes Hotmail website is not loading due to the incorrect time and date when your computer is using the wrong time and date format. It may not be able to load the secure server connection.

In such a case, you have to change the time and date format on your pc, make it your local time zone and then reload the Hotmail website again. 

These are the tips to fix the Hotmail problems, if you are still unable to fix the outlook or Hotmail problems, please let us know through comment. We will assist you in troubleshooting the Hotmail problem. 

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