When you make an attempt to load the outlook application on your windows or mac pc, but it starts saying, outlook not responding or stopped working error.

There can be several reasons behind not responding issue. here in this blog, I am sharing the common tricks to fix the problem, you can go ahead and troubleshoot the outlook problem using these steps.

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Here in this blog, I am sharing the tricks and techniques to troubleshoot the Microsoft outlook stopped working problem. if you are unable to access the outlook and getting not responding error currently. This article will assist you in troubleshooting that error.

How to fix Microsoft outlook stopped working problem –

Check the device compatibility –

When you install the outlook application on old pc, which has a very limited hardware and not capable of running the program smoothly.

As we all know, there are two versions of Microsoft office, one is 32 bit and meanwhile other version is based on the 64 bit.

RAM: if you are using a 32 bit platform, you need to have 1 GB RAM and 2Gb For 64 bit.

Hard drive space: 3 GB minimum space.

Processor should be atleast: 1.8 GHz core 2 duo.

Display type: 1024 * 576 px.

Close the program from taskbar-

When your computer can’t load the outlook processing files correctly, you will start receiving the “Microsoft outlook not responding “error on your device. in such a case, you have to quit the outlook application from the task manager and then restart the device.

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE button all together on the keyboard.
  2. Press the task manager option from the menu.
  3. Select the outlook app from the menu and press the end process button.

Finally, your program will be closed from the task bar, now you may go ahead and restart the outlook on your device again.

Launch the outlook in safe mode-

After closing the Microsoft outlook program from the task manager, if outlook is still not working properly. You need to open it in the safe mode. To launch the outlook in the safe mode, you have to follow the procedure given below.

  1. Let’s initiate the run box on your windows computer using the wnidows + R key.
  2. Please enter outlook.exe /safe in the run box and hit the enter button.
  3. Now click the ok button, now the outlook will start launching the app.

If outlook will get successfully downloaded, you can restart the outlook app again for better performance.

Optimize the drive space-

Sometimes, you may have outlook crashing issue on your windows computer due to the drive issue. when your drive is full of junks, and temporary files. It may not execute the program properly.

To fix such error, you have to optimize the drive space using the following tips.

  1. Run disk cleaner program to wipe the drive.
  2. Run sfc scan program to scan and organise the system files.

After optimizing the local drive, you may try to load the computer or modem again. Let’s see what does it shows on your device now.

Remove the virus from your computer-

Have you scan your computer for the virus existence? Some users get outlook stopped working error due to the presence of malware or Alienware on their device.

So, you should try to clean up your device with the good antivirus like- Malwarebytes antimalware, Norton etc.

If you see any kind of virus running on your device, you need to remove it immediately, and reboot the outlook program. Let’s see if it does work this time or not?


Repair the outlook –

If you are still getting the outlook not responding error message on your device, there might a chance of some files are corrupted. So, it would help, if you will repair the outlook program once. To do that, you may follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the program and features through control panel or using the appwiz.cpl command.
  2. Right click on the Microsoft office program and press the repair button.
  3. Now follow the procedure to repair the outlook program. Meanwhile, you are trying to repair the program, please do not forget to keep your device connected to the internet.

Once you will repair the outlook application, you may go ahead and try to access your outlook program, it will help you hin fixing the programs,

Reinstall the office-

After following the above steps, if the outlook is still not responding, you need to uninstall the Microsoft office from your computer, and install a new device.

While, you are planning to install the office on your computer, please ensure that you are using the latest setup of Microsoft office. You can download the office setup from Microsoft’s official website.

So these are the quick methods to troubleshoot Microsoft outlook stopped working problem. I hope this will help you in troubleshooting your outlook problems. in case, if you need any other help please commend down below or visit the Microsoft outlook’s official site to get help.

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