There are few BellSouth users in the market, who doesn’t like to access their BellSouth account through yahoo mail platform. They prefer to use some third-party software like- Thunderbird, outlook etc. 

That may be because this software doesn’t ask to log in your BellSouth account again and again once you will setup your BellSouth account on the outlook or any app using the valid information. The software will take care of yours in future. 

How do i setup bellsouth email on outlook

If you also want to configure your email account on the outlook program but doesn’t know how to set up the BellSouth email on outlook?

This blog will assist you in configuring your BellSouth account on the outlook app using the windows or mac computer. So stay tuned with this article. 

The requirement for setup BellSouth email on outlook –

To configure the BellSouth account on outlook, you must have the following things: 

  1. Username and password for your BellSouth account. 
  2. Incoming and outgoing route server address. 
  3. Computer with internet connectivity. 

Guide to setup Bellsouth email on outlook using IMAP settings- 

  1. Let’s open the outlook app on your Windows or Mac computer, whichever pc you are using. 
  2. Press the files tab from the menu, and click on the account settings. 
  3. Now click the Add account button, and fill your name, email address, and password details, now press the next button. 
  4. In the incoming address, please type- 
  5. In the outgoing server address, please type –
  6. Now let’s go ahead and enter the email address in the username section and type your password as well. 
  7. Press the advance settings button and hit the advanced tab from the top menu. 
  8. Now you need to enter the port no for IMAP 993 and smtp 587 
  9. Select the SSL type yes for incoming server and TLS for the outgoing server. 
  10. Now press the ok button. 

Once you press the ok button, your account will start syncing with the Bellsouth email server; if everything goes well, it will show you a strong message and begin syncing the emails on your outlook app. 

But if the outlook will be unable to communicate with the outlook server, you need to check the user details, possibly, you have entered the wrong information. That’s why you can’t access the outlook account on your devices. 

Reasons for can’t sync the Bellsouth email on outlook app? 

Generally, this happens when your account will not be configured with the correct settings. Still, apart from this, sometimes, you may have the Bellsouth email login problems due to the security software issue. 

When your antivirus is blocking the outlook app or incoming port, it won’t be able to transfer or accept the data. In such a case, you will receive such an error. 

How do I set up my Bellsouth account on outlook using pop settings? 

Just like, you have configured the Bellsouth account with the IMAP settings, you can go ahead and set up your Bellsouth account with the pop 3 server too. All you have to do, replace the incoming server information with the following: 

Incoming server details:

Port no: 995 

SSL: Yes. 

Outgoing server address:

Port no: 587 

SSL: not recommended (TLS). 

Meanwhile, other details will remain the same.

How do I set up Bellsouth account on outlook using two-step security? 

If you are using the two-step security on your Bellsouth account, then your current email login password will not work, in such a case, you have to create an app password, and then you have to configure your account using that password. 

After using the following information, if you still can’t set up your Bellsouth account on outlook, I will recommend you to call the Bellsouth email team and let them help you in the account configuration process. They are experts in doing this. 

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