If you have forgotten the Bellsouth password, and don’t know how to reset the password, do not worry, read this article to learn how to reset the password on the Bellsouth email account.

Reset bellsouth password

How to fix Bellsouth Email Login Problems? 

Method 1- Reset your Bellsouth mail password using the phone- 

For creating a new password, we must have to verify the account ownership. Otherwise, BellSouth will not allow you to create a new password. 

If you have set up your phone as a recovery method, you can verify your account by getting the temporary password (or we call it OTP). Here is the process to change the Bellsouth password using the phone- 

  • Let’s open the Bellsouth account password recovery form on your device. 
  • Now type in your user id and last name and press the continue button. 
  • Once you see a window to choose a recovery method, you need to select your phone number and press the continue button again. 
  • Now you will receive a One time password on your phone; you need to enter it on your recovery form. 
  • Finally, you will get a window to generate a new password. You can go ahead and create a new password now. 

Method 2- Create a new password using the email address- 

If you don’t have a phone, which is associated with the Bellsouth account. Do not worry; You may choose the email address as a recovery method. So you can go ahead and reset the password for Bellsouth email account.

  • Let’s open the Bellsouth password recovery form again. 
  •  Fill the user id & last name, now press the continue button. 
  • Now choose the email as your recovery option. 
  • This time you will get a link to reset the password on your email. You need to click on that link and create a new password. 

How will you change the Bellsouth password without a phone number or email address? 

If you don’t have a phone number or email address associated with your Bellsouth account, Bellsouth also asks some security questions during the account creation. 

If you have answered them earlier, you can use the security questions method to change your Bellsouth password.

Meanwhile, If you can’t answer the security questions as well, I will recommend you to contact At&t official and ask them to reset your password. 

To complete this process, they might ask for some documents like- SSN Number etc. you need to keep them handy. 

So they can use that proof to verify the account ownership. 

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