Are You Currently Not able to receive the mails on your aol account? Well, this type of issue has been faced by most people nowadays.

Regular, There are really many aol users coming online and coverage to the not receiving  emails problem on aol mail account? Only few of these get the answer, while some are still trying to find the solution.

aol not receiving emails

To resolve this Question, I’ve written this guide, therefore anyone can visit the site and discover the solution to their aol email issue.

Troubleshooting guide to fix AOL emails login problems- 

Causes for AOL not receiving emails problem –

  • The mail filter is blocking the new incoming emails.
  • Email is transferring (forwarding) to another address.
  • Browser is unable to load the aol mail completely.
  • Aol account is not configured properly.

Complete Guide To Solve the Aol Not Receiving Emails Problem –

Step 1- Delete AOL Filters-

When you are not receiving emails on AOL mail account? You need to pay a visit to the  filter settings on your AOL account. likely, you have created some filters on your aol account. That’s why AOL Mail is not receiving the new emails on your browser.

So you need to delete all AOL filters, which are functioning there, and then reload the AOL account. To delete the aol mail filters, you can use these steps:

  1. Let’s access your aol account using the web browser.
  2. Click on the settings option on the aol mail option.
  3. Now click on the mail filters from the left menu settings.
  4. Delete all email filters presented there and press the ok button.

Now you may ask your friend or someone to send you another email. Let’s see if these emails are coming to your inbox or not?

Step 2- Switch off the AOL Mail forwarding feature-

If you can’t get new messages on your aol account and sender is receiving the deliver failure error. You should turn off the forwarding settings on aol mail settings.

It seems like, you have enabled the email forwarding by mistake. That’s why you can’t get emails on your aol mail account. So you need to switch off the forwarding feature using the tips given below.

  1. Let’s access the aol account again using the web browser.
  2. Visit the mail settings and click on the forwarding settings.
  3. Delete the email address available under the forwarding settings and click on the save settings.

Once you will save the settings, you may go ahead and ask the sender to send you an another email. It will come to you this time.

Step 3- Clear the bookmarks and caches from your browser-

If you are getting a completely blank page on aol mailbox, you should try to access your aol account using the private window or another browser.

Let’s see if you can get new emails now or not?

Right after you clear the cookies files, you have to also check for the java update. May be there is an important update pending for javascript and browser.

After doing this, if it does still not work for you, you can reset the internet browser and then load the email account again.

Step 4- Monitor the aol server-

If there is a flood of aol users active currently, It may temporarily down the service due to the overload.

In such a case, you have to wait until the server will start up and running fine again.

To monitor the server status, you can tweet at aol official handle or visit the down detector or other server responsive sites. They will let you know about the server status.

Step 5- Review the server configuration-

If aol is not receiving the emails on the iphone or the android phone. You should inspect the AOL account settings. Likely, you might be typing the incorrect user details or server details. That’s why your account can’t sync to the aol mail server.

Here is the list of server information for aol account, you can use this information:

IMap name-

Port no :: 993

SSL :: mandatory

POP 3  Name-

Port no:: 995

SSL :: Mandatory

SMTP server details-

Port no:: 994

For the easy and convenient way, you can delete the account from your iphone or android phone and then reconfigure your account using the above information.

After using the above information, you will start receiving emails on your aol account. If you are still copping any kind of other problems with your aol account. Let us know, we will assist you in solving the query.


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