Fix Can’t Sign Into Outlook Problem

When you cannot sign into your outlook or Hotmail account, it displays the problems related to the few things. Some of them are placed below.

  1. Hotmail email address or password is not valid.
  2. The browser is outdated or unable to load the outlook page.
  3. Java script or Pop settings are not valid.
  4. Network related issues.

outlook sign in problem, can't sign into outlook

These are the four most trending reasons for outlook sign in problems. Here, In this article, I am sharing the instructions about how to fix the sign-in issue on your Hotmail account.

If you can’t access your Hotmail account till now, follow this article to troubleshoot the problem.

Steps To Fix can’t sign into outlook / Hotmail problem

Review the Hotmail username or password- 

So many times, we have seen people suffering from login issues on their Hotmail or outlook account due to the incorrect email address or password.

You should ensure that you are not repeating the same mistake, while you are attempting to log in.

If you aren’t sure about you login information, you may reset your password immediately, and then try to login again.

Clean up your web browser- 

If you are unable to load the outlook login page or getting blank pages, you should clean up the browser first.

For optimizing the web browser, you can take these actions.

  1. Delete the history & cookies of your browser.
  2. Update the bookmark settings.
  3. Check for the recent update for the browser. If available, you should update your browser as well.
  4. Factory reset the browser and reconfigures it.
  5. Take off all useless extensions.

Check outlook service status-

Sometimes, you can have Hotmail sign in problems due to the server issue. When outlook server is down or under maintenance, You won’t be able to access the Hotmail account into your devices.

In such a case, you have to wait until Microsoft confirms that the servers are working well in your locality.

To check the service status, you can visit:

Update the alias name- 

If you can’t sign in to your Hotmail account and getting something went wrong error message in revert.

In this case, you have to generate a new alias name on your Hotmail account, make it to the and then try to load the email address.

  • Go to the Microsoft account settings page.
  • Click on manage sign-in button.
  • Now presses create a new alias name button.
  • Verify that you own that account.
  • Finally, you will get an option to generate a new alias name. So you need to create a new alias name as

Now sign out your Hotmail account and attempt to sign in your account through outlook alias name. It will work fine.

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Update the javascript and enable pop up settings- 

If Hotmail / outlook sign-in button is not responding. It shows there is something wrong with your javascript or pop settings.

So you should think of updating the javascript first once you will update the javascript. You may refresh the page and push the sign-in button again.

If it doesn’t work, you should enable the pop settings and then reload the page again.

Update the network settings- 

If you are getting this page can’t be reached error message. It means there is something wrong with your network settings. That’s why you have an outlook or Hotmail sign in problems.

In such a case, you should update the network DNS address first and then check the proxy settings.

Ensure that there is no vpn or proxy servers are enabled.

Now reboot your computer or laptop, and then load the outlook website again.

I am sure this will work this time.

Check incoming server details- 

If you can’t sign in to Hotmail account using the outlook app or mobile phone like- iPhone, Android phone etc. you should verify the server configuration.

Most probably, you are entering the wrong configuration details. That’s why you can’t sign in to your Hotmail or outlook account using your smartphone devices.

So you should take out the existing account from your phone, and configure your outlook account using this detail.


Port no – 993

SSL – Yes.


Port no – 995

SSL – Yes.


Port no – 465

SSL – Optional


So these are the common tricks to fix the outlook sign in problems, If you are still facing any problem with your Hotmail or outlook account, comment down below.

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